3PL Services

3PL (3rd Party Logistics) is the outsourcing of a company’s warehousing, fulfilment and/or transportation services to a 3rd party company. At Inext we are your warehouse operation. Instead of leasing a building, hiring a manager and staff, investing in a WMS (Warehouse Management System), and negotiating your own rates with the carriers Inext will handle all these elements.Inext is your 3rd Party Logistics partner; warehousing and shipping product on your behalf. This allows your company to focus on manufacturing, marketing and selling your product. Inext takes away the worry of warehousing and logistics while letting you focus on running your company.

Benefits of 3PL

  • Reduced total delivered cost for your customer
  • Local expertise in new markets
  • Improved customer service through shorter shipment times
  • Reduced inventory costs through better management
  • Cost benefits through volume shipping discounts
  • Improved focus on core competency
  • Increased shipment visibility
  • More scalable logistics operation and cost model
  • Improved variety of technology and service
  • Risk reduction